Our programs

Empower International seeks to combat the root cause of abuse, abandonment, and injustice, so that families can be healed, communities restored, and culture transformed.

We pursue that goal via education: facilitating seminars that provide Bible-based material that pastors and leaders learn, and then go on to teach others. We’re happy to have them use our content in sermons, counseling, marriage counseling and marriage sermons, university curriculum, or wherever it is most useful. Our seminars are typically presented over two or three days, and include plenty of discussion and time for attendees to process what they are learning. Most importantly, the participants make their own cultural applications. They are the change agents, not us.

Here are the programs we offer:


In these egalitarian Bible studies, you’ll discover the freedom, respect, and agape love for which God created you.

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Articles and Videos

Articles by Empower partners.

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New Man, New Woman, New Life

The Bible’s story of creation ideal, fall from grace, and redemption in Christ has a life-changing impact.

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Created to Belong

Created to Belong trains caregivers in meeting the needs of orphaned, abandoned, or traumatized children.

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Healing from trauma

Healing from Trauma trains local counselors in much-needed skills to help alleviate the pain so many people carry.

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Redeeming the Changing Family

Executive- and university-level program on the impact of economic development on marriage, family, and sense of self.

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