Mission of Empower

Our Mission

Empower International Ministries combats the root cause of abuse, abandonment, and injustice, so that families can be healed, communities restored, and culture transformed.

Empower’s early work was focused on empowering leaders in developing and historically non-Christian countries to before change agents in their own communities. We now offer programs in the United States as well.

Our Bible-based programs teaching the equal worth and potential for unity among all human beings, regardless of gender, ethnicity, social, age, or family status. We also provide trauma-recovery training and skills for caregivers of abused, orphaned, and traumatized children.

We seek to emulate the early Christian church in:


God’s love for us and its meaning for the way we treat each other in marriage, family, and community.

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both women and man of their innate worth as children of God, regardless of social status.

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men from norms of worldly masculinity that lead to violence and despair.

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unity, forgiveness, companionship and mutual respect in marriage and childrearing.

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the respect, freedom, and protection accorded women in family, church, and society.

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caregivers in meeting the emotional needs of neglected, abandoned, and abused children

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the devastating effects of trauma

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community values that eliminate sexual, ethnic, and other social antagonisms

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Our Strategy

Empower International Ministries provide church and community leaders with tools that equip them to become change agents in their own cultures. The local leaders incorporate this vision into their ministries, and are themselves in charge of applying the trainings in culturally relevant ways.

An important component in these relationships is EIM’s openness to what we and the developed world an learn from our fellow Christians in the developing countries. We have applied what we have learned to developing Face-to-Face, study guides for young singles and for couples in the United States.

Our programs are received enthusiastically.

We have more requests for our programs than we are able to accommodate.