Report from Arnold Phiri, CTB partner in Malawi

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and savior.This Sunday at the church we are taking our problems to the cross of Jesus (an exercise from Healing from Trauma). Last Sunday I told the church that everyone when coming should bring some paper where they are going to write about their problems to God and also another one whom they want to forgive, we will make a cross of Christ and burn them. We are praying and expecting that God is going to heal His people.
I would like to ask for us to be effective in follow up if there would be forms that you can design so that we can see the progress before we start giving out the books because people have already started calling for work books that they can use and also what is the maximum number of participants would one have in one class. People are eager to do it so before the fire in them go down we have to take action.
I have already making started making sermons from Created to Belong and Healing from Trauma that I will be preaching in South Africa. I will be updating you because am still in talking with them. I have to find transport but the best means is by bus where it takes 30 hours so its my first time to go and am believing God that what I have been learning I will teach others.
Thank you for helping me in opening my eyes and also imparting knowledge in me.
Be blessed