Report from Pastor Frank Michael Tweheyo — Kasese, Uganda

by Frank Michael Tweheyo

February 25, 2014

Over the weekend I visited with our Empower Alumni from Bishop Barham University College, the Reverends Alice Nabirye and Jeneva Terangoma. Each of them was  student coordinators for Empower during their study time at BBUC and each graduated with first class!
Alice is now chaplain of Rwenzori High School, in the beautiful ranges of the famous Rwenzori Mountains.She is also a teacher there.
Jeneva has recently been appointed the parish priest of St. Peter’s Nyakasanga Anglican Parish in the suburbs of Kasese town.
I was due to visit with the St Peter’s church on my itinerary but the Bishop scheduled a visit in the same time, so as a matter of protocol, mine was re-scheduled . However, I had a great visit with the Rwenzori High School where some members of the nearby Ibanda Anglican Parish, also attended our Empower meeting. During the same meeting of over 100 students and some staff, 8 students gave their lives to the Lord.
Empower Chapter in Kasese was officially launched here on Sunday 23rd Feb, 2014 at 6pm.
Empower team is scheduled to do a full-fledged training with the students and members of Ibanda church in the 2nd week of March 2014.The school Administration has agreed to ‘donate’ the mission weekend to Empower.
We will also begin a program at St. Peter’s Nyakasanga with Rev. Jeneva.

The good news is that we’ve been working with young people at the universities in Kabale.  Rev. Paul Ololo (Kenya) and Rev. Pontien Ribakare (Burundi) have also had programs with the youth in their respective places, so this is an added opportunity to work with young people in their formative years to be rooted in the bible culture of agape love.
This is an absolutely exciting venture that will transform the minds of young people and will help transform culture.

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