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In settings where domestic abuse and gender discrimination are accepted by the larger culture, Empower comes to bring the truth that sets people free.

Your tax-deductible donation to Empower goes directly toward education of local pastors, leaders, university instructors, and congregations. The Empower New Man, New Woman, New Life curriculum corrects wrong theology and transforms families. The Empower Created to Belong and Healing from Trauma seminars help caregivers know how to deal with and bring healing from PTSD and trauma. All of the Empower workshops are changing lives.

In certain cultures, even Christians believe that women are property, that men should not listen to their wives, that men can and even should “discipline” their wives and rule over them, and that women are to blame for sin in the world and cursed by God. Parents believe that beatings are the only way to get a child to obey them, although they often favor sons over daughters to the point where girls are more likely to be malnourished or abused. The Empower curriculum offers Biblical truth about men, women, marriage, and family, and it transforms them. We’ve seen this seminar transform marriages and entire churches when a pastor learns the material and then shares it with his congregation.

We need funding for:
• SENDING: transportation costs for our teaching team, who volunteer their time.
• SEATING: underwriting the cost of attendance at our seminars. Pastors and other attendees cannot afford even a course booklet, sometimes not even a cheap pen to take notes. Your donation provides materials, a venue for the seminar, and more.
• SUPPORTING: our model “trains the trainer” so that local leaders can teach the seminar, or use the material to create sermons or counsel troubled couples. University curriculum transforms the rising generation of leaders. We support just a handful of pastors with a small stipend to enable them to share the message of Empower.
• SPREADING: We have groups in Ethiopia, Mozambique, Zambia, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo and throughout India asking for our programs, but we simply don’t have the funding to go to those places. We want the message of equality and mutuality to spread, and we’d love to have your help.

Every gift helps us to transform families, rescue women from abuse, and bring truth that transforms to local communities. We’d love to have you partner with us!

$25 pays for one person in the developing world to attend an Empower seminar
$100 pays for support for a local leader for a month
$500 pays travel expenses for a teaching team member to visit another country
$300 – $1200 pays for a “train the trainer” seminar in a new location.

Won’t you join us today in sharing the truth that sets women and men free?