Articles and video by Empower partners

Sally Bryant, “Women, spiritual gifts, and ministry”

Carrie Miles, 2016-newsletter.pdf (click here to download)

Carrie Miles,  Does Christianity Harm Women?

Carrie Miles, “‘For the husband is head of his wife as Christ is head of the Church:’ Which way is that?”

Dennis Preato, Gender Equality is God’s Original Design, Refuting Complementarian Claims

Dennis Preato, Egalitarian Marriages Prove Happier than Hierarchical Marriages

Wayne Pelly, Women’s Role in the Church: A Berean Approach to Scripture

Wayne Pelly, Genesis as the Basis for Gender Equality (slides for lecture)

Wayne Pelly, Youtube, on women in ministry:



Francine Thomas, “The Evangelical transformation of African families

Understanding and Healing the African Family Power Point Presentation by Carrie Miles