Created to Belong

Created To Belong

Through Created to Belong, Empower International Ministries seeks to emulate the early Christian church in:CTB logo

ENCOURAGING loving families in which to nurture emotionally healthy children

TRAINING caregivers in meeting the emotional needs of abused, neglected and abandoned children

Created to Belong is designed to train pastors, lay leaders and caregivers in meeting the unique and complex needs of of abandoned and traumatized children.  Through CTB programs, caregivers are taught how to help repair damage done by difficult circumstances in a child’s life and restore the child’s ability to bond with both God and other people.  In conjunction with Empower International Ministries, Created to Belong also offers preventative services, teaching parents how to create loving families in which to nurture emotionally healthy children.

On a recent trip to Malawi, we heard some feedback from those who’ve gone through the CTB training. Their comments encouraged us–this training is needed, and it is helping families. Here are just a few of the comments:

  • “I’ve learned much about attachment between me and God, and between children and their parents. I’ve learned when a child is born, it has needs. To understand what my children need, I need to sit down and listen to my children. When we are giving to the needs of that child, they feel calm and good. In the same way we provide for our children, God provides for our needs, and we feel calm and good. I have learned how to take care of my children, and how to come to God.”
  • “I’ve learned much about attachment between mother and baby, and child and anyone who is taking care of them. I understand that children do have needs which should be met. When we are not meeting needs, the child feels like they are not important to you. That affects the brain development of the child. I have also learned about attachment between us and God. When we have needs, we can present them to God.”

We operate in the United States as well as in developing countries and are based in Cupertino, California.

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